Friday, October 15, 2010

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis - 3 Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up

By King J. For

I know how you might feel now after being diagnosed with the deadly prostate cancer condition. I know you might feel the world has ended for you. I know you might want to start preparing to say your "good byes". But guess what? It's not over until you WIN against this condition. Yes, keep reading and you will learn 3 important reasons why you shouldn't give up but instead fight to win against this cancer.

1 - Others have survived it so you can survive it too: It's a fact that not everyone who is diagnosed with this condition die of it. Many people have survived and lots of more people keep surviving this cancer, even those that their cases were dire. The fact that they have survived it means that you can survive it too. You should find out what they did to survive it and start doing the same things.

2 - You owe it to your loved ones to fight and survive: Your loved ones still want you here. There are still many things you haven't done with them. They need you around for many more years. So, you should fight to survive this cancer so that you can be with them for as long as possible. If you have that DOGGED and DETERMINED mindset that you will do everything possible and find every way possible to survive this prostate cancer, this will really help you, more than to have a resigned mindset. The fact is that you just don't know what lies in front of you. Tomorrow might just be the day of breakthrough for you when you will finally get a workable solution to the condition, so you shouldn't give up. Instead, you should stay positive all day and continue looking for ways to survive this cancer.

3 - You owe it to yourself to fight and survive: I am sure there are still lots of important things in your life that you haven't done yet, so why give up and wait to die just because of the diagnosis of prostate cancer? You still have your life to live and there are still lots of things you have to do in this life. So, you shouldn't give up. You can win against this disease if you really fight it. Like one motivational speaker used to say, you should LIVE FULL and DIE EMPTY!

Seriously, if you really do all you can to fight this condition, you can survive. Lots of people, not just in the United States of America, but all over the world, have survived this condition. Like I always say - if they could survive it, you can survive it too. So, stay open and keep looking for ways to survive... and you will find the ways necessary to survive!


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